Jason’s first solo record since 2008’s “Sundlower” album, the self-titled “Jason Adamo” EP features co-writes with some amazing songwriters that Adamo has met along the way throughout his career.


    Holt Babcock
  • Angus Powell (Whales)
  • Joe Hammill (England)
  • Erik Hawks

The album also features a version of the Delta Rae song (written by Ian Holljes )"Whatcha Thinkin Bout Baby"

  • Liz Hopkins (of Delta Rae)
  • Annie Wildgen (co-writer of “Beautiful Believer”)
  • Mike McKee (of Delta Rae)
  • Mark Rogers McKee (of Morgxn)
  • Doug Casteen
  • Chris Johnson
  • Julie McKnight
  • Matt Musty (of Train)
  • David Littlejohn
  • Steve Earnhart
  • Brandon Venable
  • Holt Babcock
  • Thomas Anderson Bookwalter
  • Matt Cusson (Grammy nominated artist)

(And special thanks to George Hage for helping out with the album artwork edit!)

This EP is dedicated to Jenna Kovacic, who stepped forward and offered the gift of life to me via live-donor kidney donation in October of 2021. In April of 2023, 10 days before my scheduled transplant we were told that Jenna’s kidney was not in fact the perfect match that we were told that it was. Without hesitation Jenna then offered to sign up to the Paired Kidney Exchange Program and four months later she started a 3 person kidney donation chain. On August 16th 2023 I received my kidney transplant from a paired donor in Michigan. Thank you for the gift of life Jenna!

Jason Adamo - Solo EP

Genres: Rock, Music, Pop
Released: September 8, 2023
2023 Horshoe Lane Music


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Featured Musicians

Liz Hopkins (of Delta Rae) Harmonies on “Vegas” and “Whatcha Thinkin Bout Baby”
Annie Wildgen (co-writer of “Beautiful Believer”) Harmonies on “Room in a Heart”
Mike McKee (of Delta Rae) Drums on “Whatcha Thinkin Bout Baby”
Mark Rogers McKee (of Morgxn) Piano on “Vegas”
Doug Casteen Guitar on all tracks
Chris Johnson Keys on “She Rescued Me”
Julie McKnight Harmonies on “Whatcha Thinkin Bout Baby”
Matt Musty (of Train) Drums on “Vegas” “She Rescued Me”
David Littlejohn Keys on “Whatcha Thinkin Bout Baby”
Steve Earnhart Bass on “She Rescued Me”
Brandon Venable Bass and harmonies on “Whatcha Thinkin Bout Baby”
Holt Babcock Co-producer and instruments on all tracks
Thomas Anderson Bookwalter Strings and Drums on “Room in a Heart”
Matt Cusson (Grammy nominated artist) Horn arrangement on “Whatcha Thinkin Bout Baby”
Melvin Jones Horns on “Whatcha Thinkin Bout Baby”
Jason Adamo (Lead Vocals)


Copyright 2023 Horseshoe Lane Music - ASCAP

Recorded at X Over Productions LLC - Raleigh NC

Co-produced by Jason Adamo and Holt William