Jason Adamo



An interesting thing happens when a tight 5-piece band of respectively talented musicians ditches gimmicks and masks; honest, unpretentious, full-bodied music is born. The Jason Adamo Band started with the man himself, a truly soulful singer with inspired lyrics and raspy falsetto. Currently residing in Raleigh, NC, Adamo has lived in New York City and Nashville immersing himself in each cities music and songwriting scene. Jason recently received his first cut on a Major Label ("Beautiful Believer") on Brett Young's Big Machine Label Group debut LP "Brett Young".

His version of "Beautiful Believer" has been released on an EP as part of a collection of songs written during his time spent living in Nashville (2013-2015). Adamo’s Joe Cocker-like “bold grit and heart,” and ability to take a captive audience from “engaged silence” to a “floor stomping, rollicking, good time.” With the addition of Doug Casteen (lead guitar), Alex McKee (bass), Fabio Consani (harmonica, acoustic guitar), and David Littlejohn (keyboard), who all bring years of unique experiences and influences, The Jason Adamo Band (JAB) creates a brotherly vibe and puts a new spin on Adamo’s classic soul.

North Carolina is no slouch when it comes to producing great songwriters and musicians. Performers such as Ryan Adams, Tori Amos, Ben Folds, Eric Church, and Mitch Easter are just a few of the top acts that have rolled out of this great state. And while Jason Adamo hasn't reach some of the notoriety as these folks have, he is well on his way to becoming a member of those musical household names. Adamo and band play unpretentious rock and roll, flavored with many influential heroes and experiences of life.

The Aquarium, New Jersey



Doug Casteen



Hailing from the Washington, DC area, Doug found inspiration at an early age in the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and a heavy dose of blues. His curiosity and tastes quickly matured to encompass diverse styles from country, folk, rock, jazz, world, progressive, and all points in between. Being a contributing member of The Jason Adamo Band has brought Doug to Los Angeles, Nashville, Austin and New York City.

As a musician whose sonic philosophy naturally transcends limitation, Doug’s repertoire also explores the banjo, mandolin, and slide guitar. Having written songs for the last 3 Jason Adamo Band releases Doug finds his lifelong effort to craft meaningful music distinctly emerging.